Events by day

First Day Events - Tuesday 8/08/2017

Day & Time Venue Performance Comments
10:30 Baruch Center Indian Dance, Apsara Meera Entrance fee
11:45 Baruch Center Contact Improvisation. Tamar Lerner Entrance fee
13:15 Baruch Center Contemporary Dance, Lail Goren Entrance fee
14:45 Baruch Center Open Stage Entrance fee
15:45 Baruch Center Improvisation and Composition Games, Orly Dayan Entrance fee
17:15 Baruch Center Flamenco, a performance and workshop, Ornili Azulai Entrance fee
18:00 Soccer Stadium Opening Parade Free admission
19:00 City Tennis Courts Opening Dance Session Free admission
19:00 Hechal Tarbut Karmiel Classico Espanol Entrance fee
19:30 Baruch Center “Ladies” - A Dance Theatre Production by Tamar Lerner Entrance fee
21:30 Karmiel Amphitheatre "30 Years… And Its Only The Beginning" Entrance fee
23:55 City Tennis Courts Main Dance Session Free admission
23:55 Community Center Sports Complex Women Only Dance Free admission
23:55 Hechal Tarbut Karmiel "IMAGE BLACK LIGHTS THEATER" Entrance fee
23:55 Horvitz Sports Complex Back to Back Nostalgia Free admission
23:55 Roller-skate Court Youth Party Free admission
23:55 Soccer Stadium Dance and That’s All... Free admission