Events by day

Third Day Events - Thursday 10/08/2017

Day & Time Venue Performance Comments
10:00 Community Center Sports Complex International Folk Dancing Free admission
10:00 Roller-skate Court First time dancers, From the First Step Free admission
11:00 Baruch Center TrikuDhim Entrance fee
11:00 Community Center Sports Complex Forgotten Dances Workshop Free admission
11:00 Horvitz Sports Complex "Everything is open"- integrated performance Entrance fee
11:00 Roller-skate Court A Dance Circle for Beginners Free admission
11:30 Hechal Tarbut Karmiel "Dancing Shuki – 40 Years of Dance Creativity" Entrance fee
12:00 Community Center Sports Complex Midway Free admission
12:00 Roller-skate Court Choreographer Workshop with Sefi Aviv Free admission
13:00 Roller-skate Court Couples dances of all time - Yoav Bashan Free admission
13:30 Horvitz Sports Complex "I Danced for you, My Country"- integrated performance Entrance fee
14:00 Community Center Sports Complex Partners Dancing Free admission
14:00 Roller-skate Court Lines Free admission
15:00 Baruch Center "Kol Orlogin" Entrance fee
15:00 Roller-skate Court Debkot Free admission
15:30 Hechal Tarbut Karmiel "Golden Fleece" Entrance fee
16:00 Community Center Sports Complex A Choreography Workshop with Eyal Bar Kima Free admission
16:00 Horvitz Sports Complex "From all the Colors of the Rainbow"- integrated performance Entrance fee
17:00 City Tennis Courts Parent and Children Dancing Free admission
17:00 Community Center Sports Complex Women Only Dance Free admission
17:00 Roller-skate Court Eyal Golan Free admission
18:00 City Tennis Courts Wheel chair Dancing Free admission
18:00 Roller-skate Court "Teminiada" Free admission
18:00 Soccer Stadium "Israeli Childhood" Entrance fee
19:00 Baruch Center Ethmix - Ethnic Dance Entrance fee
19:00 Hechal Tarbut Karmiel Beijing Dance / LDTX China Entrance fee
19:30 City Tennis Courts Concluding dance party - Final Festival Dance Free admission
21:30 Karmiel Amphitheatre “Karmiel 2017” Final Entrance fee
23:30 Soccer Stadium HIP-HOP STARZ Free admission
23:55 City Tennis Courts Main Dance Session Free admission
23:55 Community Center Sports Complex Women Marathon Free admission
23:55 Horvitz Sports Complex Nostalgia Free admission
23:55 Roller-skate Court Intermediate Dancing - Back to Back Free admission