Classico Espanol

Tuesady 08/08/2017, 19:00
Hechal Tarbut Karmiel
Entrance fee

A New and Original Performance - An Orchestra and Flamenco company on a single stage!

At its core are the literary works of the known Spanish composer Manuel De Falla.

De Falla was Spain’s first National Composer. He composed a variety of chamber and symphonettes inspired by Spanish folklore. His ballets and other works went on to give De Falla international recognition. The fascinating merger between modern music combined with rhythmic and structured elements of popular Spanish music became his trademark.

At the center a performance of two of his famous works:

El amor brujo - “The Bewitched Love”

The ballet composed by Manuel De Falla tells the tale of a young widow who lives haunted by ghost of her treacherous husband, how she struggles to cast off her late husband’s ghost and the love she has for another, a man who she has loved since childhood. 

El sombrero de tres picos-  “The Three-Cornered Hat”

Scenes from the famous ballet “The Three-Cornered Hat” by Manuel De Falla recounts the failed and pitiful attempts by the general, owner of the “Three-Cornered Hat”, to seduce the beautiful miller’s wife.

Additional Spanish scenes will be performed such as the dance from the opera: La vida breve

(“Life is Short”) and more.

Artistic Management and Choreography: Michal Natan 

Musical Director and Conductor: Doron Salomon

Dancers: COMPAS The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company

Musicians:  The Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva 

Management, Marketing & Production: Claudia Czobel, Keren Regev-Aviv

10 dancers and 35 musicians will participate in the performance.