The Central Performance "Sea and Sunset"

Wednesday 09/08/2017, 21:30
Karmiel Amphitheatre
Entrance fee

The Central Performance

“Sea and Sunset”

The stage choreography competition in memory of Eyal Ben Yehoshua

Israel’s top choreographers compete against one another

to present the very best choreographic creations.

Cash prizes and other awards will be awarded for

best performance and best costumes.

The panel of judges is comprised of dance illuminaries

from Israel and abroad.

Guest Artist: Pablo Rosenberg

The performance includes a variety of other artists

and performers.

M.C.:Nava Galoska

Producer: Uri Yanon

Eyal Ben Yehoshua (OBM):


Eyal (“Eyalik”) loved Israeli and ethnic dancing that reflected his pride in his tradition. Although he was an amateur dancer, he had the style of a professional and a special grace that stemmed from his personality. When he danced many gathered around to watch, enchanted by his style. Eyal was accidentally shot and killed by his best friend while both were serving in the army, he was twenty years old at the time of his death. The prizes to the winners of the competition are a contribution from the Ben Yehoshua family in memory of their beloved son, Eyal for whom the competition is named.