Beijing Dance / LDTX China

Thursay 10/08/2017, 19:00
Hechal Tarbut Karmiel
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We are all entrapped in a fortified fortress, coping with choices and doubts. The manner in which we respond to such situations can change, but it is the way of the world to preserve its hypnotic balance.

The work Cold Arrow-Game of Go Weiqi is full of metaphors from the rich Chinese culture and presents a game in black and white in which 14 hypnotizing dancers walk a fine line between uniformity and chaos. The fortress in our lives demands that we take steps. Often we see in these small steps black and white, good versus evil, the advantages versus the disadvantages. Inspired by “Go”, an ancient Chinese strategy game, accompanied by the music composed by the American Bass Guitarist, David Darling. The dancers move among the squares of a giant board game, similar to the way we all move between the experiences and people that compose our lives.

Choreography: LI Han-zhong & MA Bo

Music: David DARLING

Stage & Lighting: Godzilla TAN, LI Jun-long

Costume: ZHAO Jia-pei, WANG Yan

Dancers: FAN Lu, FENG Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, LI Ke-hua, LIU Lang, LIU Yang, MA Yue, SHEN Wan-ying, SUN Meng-yao, TIAN Ru-meng, WANG Yue, YAN Han-yi, ZHANG Xue-feng